Please hold the applause.

9 Mar

I totally was made fun of this weekend for indulging my super savvy, ultra intelligent, amazingling genius money saver tip hence, I think I should share it with the world.

TSA won’t let you take liquids on airplanes right?? But you can take magazines! Stock up on those magazine samples and you’ll be smelling like flowers when you get to your destination. Or if the occasional (everyday in my case) “I’m so broke, I can’t eat” moment comes along. You gotta pinch those pennies where you can. And who’s gonna know right?

I think there were snickers of “You know your classy and fabulous when you get a papercut from your purfume sample” coming from the cheap seats when I divulged – Try to keep it safe people!

P.S. I’m not liable for any damages.


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