Charlie Sheen: He's totally pulling a Joaquin!

9 Mar

I called it first! I think with this whole Charlie Sheen debaucle someone needs to be looking for the cameras! He can’t be this crazy and falling off the wagon to such an extent for reals… can he?? and better yet why is noone stopping it?

A year ago Joaquin Phoenix pulled a similar stunt for Casey Affleck’s documentary or whatever you want to call it entitled “I’m Still Here”… maybe it should have been entitled “I’m Not Here” because Phoenix had the whole world

fooled that he had gone off the rocker and we all watched in awe. Until after filming, he reappeared on David Letterman cured and the whole world was HIS puppet it turns out for one of the most meticulous hoax’s in entertainment. After seeing that I was convinced that Phoenix was the greatest actor of all time, that is until Charlie Sheen. 

Joaquin’s meltdown…

…And the last laugh.

 Ahhmmm isn’t Charlie Sheen looking really familiar? He’s definitely taking it to the next level, but talk about free press! When you’re a man that has it all like Charlie, the money, the fame, etc…  grabbing the entire WORLD’s attention seems pretty reasonable as a realistic goal doesn’t it?

I dunno maybe I’m in left field but maybe not…


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