Sarah Jessica Parker??! Come on Halston get serious.

10 Mar

I just want to vent publicly about the mis-construed concept of Sarah Jessica Parker being a fashion icon. This is so FALSE!! The chick has a stylist for one, and second the only reason people think she is stylish is because she PLAYED Carrie Bradshaw. Yes, Carrie Bradshaw had excellent taste and was very fashion forward, but she was a CHARACTER and PATRICIA FIELD is the one who styled her costumes. The fact that Halston Heritage (their second line) has made SJP their Creative Director really gets my blood boiling. She has terrible taste and so does her stylist outside of Sex and the City. Patricia Field should be the freaking creative director of Halston if anyone. Am I right?? Not to mention SJP’s line “Bitten” was hideous and don’t get me started on the lines’ crappy fabric! Hopefully as creative director she has no say because I really like Halston.

Here is a little taste of the REAL SJP aka Fashion DON’T.


I know Carrie Bradshaw wouldn't have a baby... But I'll let that one slide... this time, but could she please stop rolling up her jeans to show her ugly shoes?

Thank goodness we get to see this x 3.

Not just daily outfits, her red carpet sucks too. Nice try.

Can you say "ugh" for UGGS?

Ok I get that she’s trying to be “out there” but this looks more like Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland… and he pulled it off waaaayyy better. No thank you.

And here is Halston.

Do the two go together? I think not.


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