This just in! Starbucks+Cakepops= Heaven.

10 Mar
To go along with my new found cake pop obsession a little bird told me Starbucks is now making cake pops!!


 Hold the presses!!!!! It gets better.

AND!! you can get a free cake pop March 10- 12, 2011 (with the purchase of a beverage) at your local Starbucks. Does it get any better? (yes, it actually would be better if they didn’t make you buy a drink, duh)

It is in celebration of their 40th anniversary!! On a side note, Starbucks being 40 makes me feel old. Ya feel me??

Starbuck's Tiramisu cake pop... Hells yes!

Did I mention they are under 200 calories?  I dunno about you but I’m in cake pop heaven!!

Starbucks Rocky Road flavor cake pop. The third flavor is Birthday cake. (I obviously don't have a picture or I would show you)

To get allll the delicious details on the cake pops and other new bakery items that Starbucks is rolling out for their big 4-0 go to:


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