Freaking flip flops…

11 Mar

So for the past decade… or longer… my decreasing likeness with flip flops and the increasing popularity of them have been at odds. I freaking HATE flip flops and the entire population seems to have them in every color (I refuse to even wear them to the pool… oh and don’t worry I don’t own a pair in case you were wondering). Not only are they hideous but they make a TERRIBLE noise when people walk in them. So they look like crap and sound like crap. You wear flip flops out and there is abolutely nothing that’s screaming fashion forward, unique, or “I like to present myself in a professional and put-together manner.” All they say is sloppy and lazy. ALSO they are starting to be linked to back problems as their victims get older and who have a longstanding history with the stupid pieces of footwear.

I would really like to be part of an anti flip flop revolution (or the start for that manner… any takers?), but the liklihood seems slim with the flip flop fame not seeming to slow down at any rate. BUT JUST IN CASE you as well are sick of the silly summer wear (more like all year round wear- don’t wear sandals in snow people!) I have a few options for classy and chic footwear that still keep your piggies cool in the small chance of a heatwave coming to a neighborhood near you.

P.S. As I go to find pics of suitable footwear to sway your opinion… what comes up everywhere… flip flops… typical.

All the sandals I’m showing you are from (another great shopping site) go here:

*If you are a Rachel Zoe fan she also does her favorite picks for this site.

AND men I didn’t forget about you… I just hate men in sandals full stop. Try something like a boat shoe or a summer loafer instead. See below.


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