Nice Nails

11 Mar

If ever in need of a wardrobe update, but don’t have the funds the best way to look fresh is your nail polish color. This spring offers a muted nail whilst leaving the bright colors to the fabric. The top colors are nude, light blue, pink/peach, and purple, as well as gunmetal and a couple fresh takes on an old concept. See below.

Light Blue

Light Purple


Light Pink

Cracked nail polish is a fun way to change things up and utilize two colors! P.S. The experts didn't say, but this emerald green color is my absolute favorite right now. It's so Wizard of OZ. 😉

I love these nail polish patterns that Sally Hansen is making. You just apply and then file the remainder off. They come in all colors and patterns and usually last around ten days. They are removed with regular nail polish remover. P.S. What a great way to incorporate animal colors (which are so in right now).


Nude… The experts say to be careful with this color you don’t want to look like a mannequin…

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