Japanese 2011 Disaster: What if today was your last?

11 Mar

Oh man all these natural disasters are starting to cause concern. Does anyone else get the impression that mother nature is severely pissed off?? She is coming at planet earth with a vengeance, and this last occurance may be the worst of them all.

In the last 12 hours Japan was hit with an 8.9 magnitude earthquake that last I heard left hundreds pronounced dead and the death toll being nowhere near finished. What a sad sad thing. But the damage isn’t over yet with Hawaii and the entire US west coast on high alert throughout the day and a major Tsunami watch in high effect.  In these uncertain times one must consider the Aztec’s and the myth of their calendar ending in 2012. Perhaps these natural disasters are the indication of the world coming to an end and not merely just a bad mood?

I can’t help but take it one step closer to home and ponder the midwest’s reputable disruptive and oftentimes terrifying tornado threats that come through, usually the worst of it taking place during the spring season. Living in what’s known as “tornado alley,” Missourians are no virgins to these deadly and destructive forces, and with all these other natural incidences making history, everyone hold on to your hats because the winds this spring may be stronger than usual.

Can I suggest a storm shelter anyone?

My bet, honestly, is that the end of the world is near. Are you happy with what you are doing? Are money and “things” worth it? You can’t take them with you. I think on death’s door, experiences and love are worth the world. That work to live, not live to work motto is sounding alot more sensible. And at the end let’s hope for no regrets.


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