Adele + Mike Posner + Lauren= BFF's

14 Mar

So I REALLY want to be best friend’s with Tina Fey. But that is another post altogether. My new BFF obsession is the amazingly talented Adele.

She is awesome for 1) her voice… duh 2) her NOT being a size zero… or most likely not even a 6. (Can I get an amen?) 3) her non-slutty ways are a breathe of fresh air (when did having your talents speak for themselves come back in style? Nice.) and 4) her incredibly addictive laugh (after seeing her interviewed a few times I have a feeling that the girl is wonderfully witty and purely evil on the inside, ensuring that we would get along swimmingly). 😉

Her song Rolling in the Deep off her album “21” is AMAZING… and she keeps all her clothes on in the entire music video. Wha whaaaat?!?!

Adele’s Version

Mike Posner made an incredible cover of Rolling in the Deep that gave me chills… Ok maybe not CHILLS, but you see what I’m getting at.

So for your listening pleasure…

Mike Posner’s Version


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