Can't Diane Kruger just trip or something?

14 Mar

Since jetting across the pond and landing in Hollywood approximately 5 years ago, Diane Kruger can do no wrong. Most star’s have a “WTF?! is she thinking” time period in the beginning of their careers, usually spanning the amount of time from when they realize they are getting photographed at all to the point that the need for stylist to walk the dog is a fashion emergency! Unfortunately for them, their past “fashion dont’s” will haunt them forever.

Fortunately for Diane, she has had absolute impeccable taste from the beginning, she doesn’t have a stylist, and she has done the impossible, transforming her boyfriend’s style to not only look good, but compliment her own style. Bravo! Plus she has an awesome German accent. Damn the luck!

She also had one of the best photoshoots in terms of elegance and uniqueness I have seen in a while for Glamour’s March 2011 issue. Here is a sample.


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