Loufest: Got Music?

14 Mar

Last year I attended Loufest in Forest Park in STL and it was pretty subpar for a music festival, but for Missouri I’ll take it! (Funny how one’s standards can be lowered… it’s all based on location location location). And hell it supports a good cause; green livin’.

Last year they had several awesome bands attend, and the quality of musicians is not why I wasn’t happy. It was more like the food and the restrooms. BUT it wasn’t crowded and they let you refill your water bottle as much as you want… Ok you’re right I’ll stop being “Negative Nancy” it wasn’t bad at all.

Unfortunately, this year a “battle of the high school bands” will be taking place. Gross. If I wanted to see pimple prone, hormone ridden, greasy locked teenagers try a hand at music for $50/day I would go see that Justin Bieber movie… in air conditioning…5 times… NO THANK YOU!

Loufest is taking place this year Aug 27-28,2011 and the lineup hasn’t been hammered out as of yet, but last year bands included Broken Social Scene, Built to Spill, Lucero, and my personal favorite The Airborne Toxic Event, to name a few. Passes are available for two days (I just did the one) so I’m sure if you are down with camping (which I am not) or are from the STL area, two days are double the fun! Plus,( if anyone needs ideas to swoon that special lady) I think music festivals are the best date option out there.

For all the details go to: http://www.loufest.com/about.php


One Response to “Loufest: Got Music?”

  1. Sarah March 14, 2011 at 8:59 PM #

    I hope it is one that keeps getting better with time. It was just… obviously a festival á la Missouri. 😛

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