Popcorn and Candy: Your Highness

14 Mar

Move over Shrek! Your Highness is set to hit theatres April 8, 2011. It stars Natalie Portman (Pre-pregnancy thank goodness), James Franco (in a much better role than his Oscar hosting attempt), and Danny McBride (the hilarious guy from Eastbound and Down- just a little show on HBO…)

Oh and did I mention it’s from the director of Pineapple Express??

Maybe the best part is Zooey Deschanel is in it too. Love her.

Hopefully Your Highness is much more mature than Shrek and much funnier than Robin Hood (and of better, quality, demeanor, special effects, acting, etc. etc.)…in other words hopefully a positive end result of awesome!

Either way grab your helmets and swords and head for the theatres, ’cause this one better be a royal experience!


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