Think before you ink.

14 Mar

Tattooing is one of the most popular forms of “self expression” today, but at the rate everyone is jumping on the tattoo train, I think not getting one might say more than otherwise. However, perhaps one thing that doesn’t cross a tight bodied 20 year old’s mind when considering to ink or not to ink is that one day you WILL get wrinkly and most likely fat… or AT THE VERY LEAST soft around the edges (that is if you’re part of the devastatingly lucky). So think about those strategically placed personages before they become permanent.

Can you imagine if your grandma looked like this? Let’s be classy people.

I think you missed a spot doll.

Work it. Woooork it.

He got the tattoos so that people would stop asking him where Snow White ran off to.

In the midst of her tattoo excitement she forgot her bra. Bummer for us!

And perhaps some expressions are not appropriate no matter the age of its victim. Yikes!

"I've got my eye on you."

I bet this guy gets ALLLL the ladies.

Scary. Just put your shirt back on!!

Oh yeah this looks safe. You REALLY only need one eye right??


Some things there’s just no going back from.


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