LA Fashion District: Strolling through Mexico…

15 Mar

Last week I had the opportunity to go to Los Angeles. I love LA to visit, but am more of an east coast girl at heart. While there, I made it my mission to shop til I drop, literally… and find good bargains while doing it! Boy, did I succeed.

If you are from LA or just visiting, the fashion district in downtown LA is no joke and definitely worth 8 or more hours of your time… most likely it will take that much. It is reminiscent of markets in China, but mostly run by people of hispanic descent. On Saturdays the market is opened up to the public (normally they only sell wholesale) and you can barter for anything ranging from bowties, to sandals, to underwear (yes, that’s right underwear… package of 6 anyone?). Talk about quality!! Just kidding, but if you do it right and are patient you can find some really great deals.

Also, there are great authentic mexican places to eat, numerous carts selling hotdogs dressed to the max, fresh fruit baggies (better than it sounds), and if you’re lucky, like I was, perhaps used water bottles refilled and sold for $1. What a bargain!!! 😦 Gross.

Santee Alley is the heart of this shopping goliath, but go early because it gets croooowded.

Santee Alley

Your guide


Another tip: Try to remember where you parked.


One Response to “LA Fashion District: Strolling through Mexico…”

  1. katie March 17, 2011 at 5:17 PM #

    girl! what did you get? post pics of your finds!

    ps i want to go here

    re-selling bottles of water is also popular on the strip in vegas. barf

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