Losing weight: Actions speak louder than words.

16 Mar

Sound familiar?

No one cares that you want to lose weight or aren’t happy with your body. It’s best just to keep your mouth shut… you aren’t gonna make friends being overly sensitive and obsessive.  No one is happy with everything about themselves even the size zero, metabolic freaks (why do you think plastic surgeons are so rich$$).  This guaranteed unhappiness is a product of the world and society we live in.

I hear people of both sexes, shapes, and sizes complain about their weight. I may be the worst of them all. But right afterwards its comic (not to mention awkward) that the whirlwind grabbing for a favorite calorie ridden candy bar, or a quick stop at their go-to fast food place is inevitable. Sometimes victims even talk about how fat they are while eating (Hello?!) Like talking about losing weight has made you hungry?  Talking about it solves nothing, plus that candy is especially not helping. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy what you are currently indulging in, than feel guilty before the experience is even over?

I personally have crossed into a new land of minor black outs while eating and when I come to, the sight is not pretty (probably why I live alone). I’m not even recognizing that I’m eating, much less conscious of any enjoyment (this might be what is called emotional eating…)

Doing something and taking action is the only thing that’s gonna help you (or maybe just accepting your flaws and moving on…we only live once). And no matter how much you complain or wish it true, the people around you can’t help you either. It’s a personal choice just like anything else. You want something to be different you change it. There is noone to burden or blame for it but yourself. I think in today’s world we need to stop feeling guilty.

Pick a side. This country is obese, we all know that. We have created a gluttonous form of narcicissm through food. Either you enjoy what you are eating and stop complaining or be cranky and hungry. But perhaps there is a third choice? How about we appreciate being healthy, but not deny ourselves the smallest pleasures food has to offer either.

There is such a thing as a happy medium. And while some of us have a harder time finding it, we all have a say in it. A say that I don’t mind hearing.


One Response to “Losing weight: Actions speak louder than words.”

  1. emeraldarcher March 16, 2011 at 9:48 PM #

    You can always come running with my sometime. I promise it’s fun.

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