DMB Caravan: Christmas comes early this year.

16 Mar

How did I miss this?! (I know I’m behind on everything, not a shocker… but you appreciate my excitement right? ;))

Dave Matthews Band is planning a Caravan tour in which they will go to four US locations and put on a festival of awesomeness. They will be the headliners, but three of the four locations haven’t been released yet… cross your fingers MO! (I’m not gonna hold my breath.)

The first location has been revealed to be 3 days of fun in Atlantic City June 24-26,2011. Additional bands will include Ray Lamontagne, The Flaming Lips, OAR, David Gray, Michael Franti with Spearhead…. holy crap! I need a ticket and a road trip buddy…BTW now accepting resume’s.

For all the details go to the official DMBCaravan Site:


One Response to “DMB Caravan: Christmas comes early this year.”

  1. Marcie March 21, 2011 at 10:34 AM #

    DMB Caravan = AMAZING! I just want to see the announcement “Pre-Sale tickets for Gorge Labor Day Weekend”!
    Eat, Drink and Be Merry…

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