Jersey Shore: Please make it stop.

17 Mar

Sammi “Sweetheart” from MTV’s Jersey Shore has just announced that she will be doing a jewelry line. WTF?!?!

Noone on that show has an ounce of class or style… that’s why they are on the show. Don’t they get that? The whole world is into them because they are the biggest trainwrecks to hit since that Denzel Washington movie… Unstoppable?? I think it was called. Not relevant.

The show is bad enough as it is, now we have more crap to take in. And she isn’t the first of the cast to pull a stunt like this. There is a plethera of books, clothing lines, and informercials with these jokes plastered on them.  

I swear to God if her line does well I’m just going to give up on life and any faith I might have had in the human race. The girl is trash and she dresses like trash. Lucky for us we all can now too. 😦

Everything is priced under $100. I wouldn’t give her my used underwear for a piece of that.– I have less nice things to say about Rich Rocks than Sammi for supporting this (PS I’m not promoting the web site, it’s just so that you can be as upset as I am).

Here are some examples of why Sammi “sweetheart” should NOT have her own line of anything.

She has worse taste in clothes than she does in men.

What has the world come to… honestly?!?!?!?!?


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