iBooks: Apple is taking over the world one APP at a time.

21 Mar

Forget the Kindle.

There is now the ibooks app similar to itunes for browsing books and purchasing them on your iphone or ipad.

I feel bad for printing companies. Apple is putting them out of business faster than radiation is taking over your refrigerator. There is something nice about holding a book in your hands and turning the pages… or not.

Some concerns have been discussed regarding the availability and number of books for purchase. However, I’m sure this is one speed bump that will be smoothed out before most people notice it.

Talk about a one-stop shop. Apple is becoming the new Wal-mart.


One Response to “iBooks: Apple is taking over the world one APP at a time.”

  1. Michael O'leary November 19, 2012 at 4:55 PM #

    That is progress. Whether Apple does it or not, it will surely happen. I am sure that the labourers who dug with shovels were just as sentimental for the shovel in the hand when the mechanical digger was introduced, or the scribes reaction when the printing press was invented. Publishing as we know it is changing, and will adapt.

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