Scarlett Johansson + Sean Penn= GROSS

21 Mar

Does Scarlett Johansson really think that the way to one up Ryan Reynolds is to date an ancient (and perhaps slightly unstable) Sean Penn?

Yes, he is an acting genius, with his most recent notable role in MILK,  but he is also past 50 and unless he’s invented a time machine, his aging skills don’t seem to be doing that great. Plus, he’s short and what is that thing on his upper lip?

Just say no.


Silly Scarlett, You don’t rebound from Ryan Reynolds! You sit there and figure out how to fix it and get him back until it either works out or you die. Duh!

There’s no outdoing that one. And if my hunch is right, Ryan is going to age like a well cared for George Clooney. Not to mention he’s hilarious. Double score!

Stupid girl.

Scarlett shot high with Ryan and conquered, but now what next?  In my opinion, definitely NOT Sean Penn.


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