Bye, bye, bye, Britney Spears… Please.

22 Mar

How many failed comebacks does Britney Spear’s need to have until she just goes away and realizes her career has peaked, we all think she is mentally unstable, and that she has reverted back to white trash?

With her new album ‘Femme Fatale’  set to release March 29th, 2011, and two singles already out chalk full of terrible music and lyrics, constant noticable airbrushing, and less than exciting been done before dance moves… not to mention those HORRIBLE extensions, when is Britney Spear’s going to realize she sucks?

I’ll be the first to admit I belted out “Hit me Baby One More Time” multiple times, much to my parents’ dismay I am sure. I loved her and what 13 year old girl didn’t? But that was over a decade ago. Since then there has been weight fluctuation, children, failed marriages, weird family issues, and one bald head (that we know of). Britney had to have banked in the late 90’s early 2000’s, so why won’t she just go away gracefully?

I know that everyone who agreed with me in our teen years still can’t be supporting such a lack of exciting material and a constant untwirling of her personal life. Plus, young girls today have freaking Justin Bieber (don’t get me started on him), why do they need Britney too?

All her material is the same again and again. It’s boring. It’s been done. The most exciting thing she has done in the last ten years is kiss Madonna… and that was more about Madonna than Britney.

Britney should have said goodbye to the business around the time when she broke up with Justin Timberlake and obviously her stylist… at least then she would have a quality reputation to bask in.


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