Why Katherine Heigl?? Why?!?!?!?

23 Mar

Katherine Heigl is an anomoly. I love her, but I kinda hate her too.

After the whole Grey’s Anataomy thing it seemed like bitch mode might be kicking in. But then she did some cute chick flicks, whatever, and she isn’t a negative size, so there’s that.

But WHY??? would she think that chopping off her hair is going to improve anything. I think she was already on the fence with the world and her attitude (or maybe just my world), but now we don’t even have good hair to look at.

I guess all I can say is at least it’s back to blonde and not that hideous dirty brunette color she had been sporting.

Just cause you’re a mom doesn’t mean you have to be frumpy.

Katherine, if you are worried about time in the morning getting ready, just get your stylist to do your hair for you while the nanny watches the baby.

Problem solved.


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