Camilla Parker Bowles: Forever the Other Woman.

24 Mar

Camilla Parker Bowles was on this morning with an article talking about how the royal family is so lucky to have Kate Middleton join the family. BARF. Camilla is lucky to be in the family at all.

When did I miss the part where the world united in hatred against Camilla because she was the other woman?

Prince Charles is such an idiot, I can’t even express my disdain for his poor life choices.

He had Diana and he was cheating on her the entire time with Camilla (speculation says even before Diana’s wedding!!)… what a step down! And now this aldulterer goes and marries the slut making her royalty and possible future queen. That takes balls.  By cheating and marrying the other woman it is exalting something that should be reprimanded and frowned upon.

Camilla didn’t only steal Diana’s husband, but also her title and position. That’s gross enough, and now we have to care what the homewrecker has to say about Diana’s sons’ wedding and fiance?

Camilla, how bout you keep your mouth shut about the wedding and we can pretend like you aren’t there. 

(In case you can’t tell I’m not a fan of adultery, especially when you are a public figure and “supposed to be” an example of what is right.)

The world has lost it’s moral compass and gone mad. This is exhibit A.,,20395222_20475932,00.html

Team Diana all the way.


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