Maybe you should see a therapist.

24 Mar

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest full-time, on-call workplace therapists. For ALLLLL workplaces.

Think about it… if there was an on-call therapist to go to whenever you need to vent, there would be wayyyyy less workplace gossip (plus, the therapist is legally bound not to repeat what they hear so you can say more). People would be able to vent, feel better, and be more productive in their jobs. I think this would lead to less workplace unhappiness, firings/quittings, and overall less shootings/violence.

There is currently an intense influx of alcohol allowed at work, and out of office activities to boost employee morale… don’t get me wrong I am all for booze and field trips (especially the two together), but these things only lead to more places for problems (mixing social time with work) and more verbal diarrhea. People need to get their emotions off their chests, but the workplace is not the real world and gossip and unhappiness lead to much larger issues. PLUS, with required therapists at all workplaces it would boost the economy by providing more jobs… for therapists.

Please hold the applause. 😉


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