Lindsay Lohan You Are NOT Oprah

28 Mar

Lindsay Lohan has officially left planet earth and joined the ranks of Lady Gaga.

The orange narcissist has decided to drop her last name and just be Lindsay.

Oh geez.

That girl needs to really think about her life and the choices she is making and not whether or not to drop her last name in attempt to become a Hollywood “legend.” At this point the only thing she would leave behind is a reputation of destruction and strange skin color, as well as no regard for the law or any of her young impressionable fans.

You earn being a legend, you don’t just make it be. Who does she think she is Madonna or Beyonce? You have to have talent to be in the same ranks as those ladies, Ms. Lohan (and there is no talent to stealing jewelry, wearing an ankle bracelet, having a disfunctional family, or dressing innapproriately… FYI.)

Since Lohan decided not to take a plea deal and risk going back to prison (shocking… I already called that…she wants to go to prison, it is more profitable than unemployment, duh) maybe her cell-mates and the other gals in prison will have a more positive opinion about the name change and serious lack of skills… but I doubt it.


Lindsay, Willy Wonka is now taking applications.


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