Pee in Peace.

28 Mar

What’s up with girls going to the bathroom together?

I find that oftentimes it’s hectic going together and my A.D.D. doesn’t like having to wait on others. Can we not just have a moment to think to ourselves while we wait in line, (that’s a guarantee, there’s always a damn line) or do we always need a conversation sidekick to get us through the mundaneness of going to the bathroom? I’ve been in many a restroom and the conversation is less than stimulating while girls are on the pot or washing their hands.  Maybe there are constant long lines because girls go together and are too busy chatting than peeing… guys just get in and get out… I respect that. 

I never understood why we all want to go together and constantly inviting “who needs to go to the bathroom?” before we make the big move to do our business… we are big girls and I’m pretty sure nature’s calling can be done on it’s own without an audience. It may be because I get horrible stage fright with a crowded commode or like to be a loner, but peeing in private doesn’t have to be bad.

Maybe the stereotype needs to be laid to rest and women need to man up (literally) and unite in their independence… of peeing, that is.


One Response to “Pee in Peace.”

  1. Mom March 28, 2011 at 2:13 PM #

    I love your photo

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