Cheating always the winner when faced with faithfulness?

30 Mar

Are faith and love a myth in the 21st century?

I recently read a horrifying article concerning Ashley Madison, a site for people to go to and intentionally start affairs.

The amount of men and the description of those men as well as what goes on during these trysts would completely shake anyone that thinks there is someone out there for them for life. Men who had only been married for a year or for several, men with small children, men who are just bored,  men who are disappointed by life’s result, men who love their wives and plan to spend the rest of their lives with them, but who just need a one night stand like they need an advil. It was so casual reading the article like watching a movie, but instead it is really happening everyday all the time in secret or publicly. How can anyone trust anyone with a site like Ashley Madison being successful and providing a platform to make a life long promise crumble in a matter of online chats.

I grew up in a very healthy home full of love. Sometimes I wonder if my parents relationship is normal? It should be normal, they really enjoy eachother after 30 years of marriage (I know weird, right?)  IS that normal? Sometimes I wonder if having the premonition that enduring love can happen to everyone might be setting myself up for failure.

Multiple partners, bottomless  lack of respect, sky high divorce rates, secrecy, and cheating becoming an accepted form of normalcy worries me. Maybe monogamy is no longer welcome in a society of gluttony. Men can have whatever they desire and as a single woman maybe those desires don’t include an average girl. Maybe happiness doesn’t last or maybe every relationship has an expiration date and eventually any relationship will have its infestations of boredom and fulfilled temptations.



One Response to “Cheating always the winner when faced with faithfulness?”

  1. emeraldarcher March 30, 2011 at 4:24 PM #

    I’ll never “get” the people that cheat. It’s pretty lame, if you’re not going to commit to someone then don’t even bother being in a relationship with them in the first place.

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