Vera Wang WHITE:Here comes the bride… right after she finds a husband.

30 Mar

I am ready to get married (not really… it sounds about as fun as having a kid out of wedlock… or having a kid period, but I digress), I just need a poor schmuck to black out for a few minutes and commit to this train wreck.  However, when it comes to finding a dress that dilemma is much easier solved since Vera Wang started her new WHITE collection which offers amazing gowns all for under $1400. Weddings are totally overrated and from the outside appear to be a nightmare that is a prequel to the act of being married… EXCEPT for the dress.

I sold REAL Vera Wang Ready To Wear at Nordstrom and after obsessing over her (much more affordable) line at Kohl’s I have no idea how she works her magic… the quality, cut, and fabrics aren’t that far off from her couture collection and for the price it is amazing!!

So I can only imagine that her bridal collection for David’s Bridal is just as AWESOME.

I haven’t had the interest of walking into a David’s Bridal and trying on gowns for my pretend wedding… yet… but I’ll be sure to let you know if anything changes.

Thank you Vera you are a Genius.


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