Grey's Anatomy: Leave the Singing to the Professionals

1 Apr

Why does our world have to blend singing and acting… why can’t they just be separate and STAY separate.  If I want to see singing I’ll go to a concert OR I’ll mentally prepare myself for a play. If I want to watch tv I DONT WANT TO HEAR SINGING.

Unfortunately, this is a trend that is catching on and beginning to affect my world. I hate Glee, Burlesque and now one of my favorite’s, Grey’s Anatomy, is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.  I’m sorry. Sitting through singing when their craft is supposed to be acting just annoys me (sure there are a few exceptions of crossovers, Justin Timberlake, but then there REALLY are NOT, Miley Cyrus). I want a story… not a story in song. 

Ratings must be sucking for Grey’s because last night they preformed an (painful) ensemble musical about a car crash… I bet thats a first.

I have been watching the show for what is it now 7 seasons? (too many to count and the story lines are starting to portray that) and have been prefectly content with the way things were being SPOKEN. So why now does Shonda Rhimes think she is a master at musicals as well as medical?

How about we leave the singing to the pros and stop trying to cross over into every category Hollywood? Just because you are an actor doesn’t make you a singer. There are professionals for that.


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