The Dont's of Fashion

1 Apr

Since I freely give you adive on what to wear, I thought I should let you in on what NOT to wear…

This dude knows he's hott... don't even bother telling him. Try to be classier with denim shorts this season.

She's got the stripes right.... but the Zorro hat is a little much. The guy on the other side had to take a seat from the overwheming exhaustion of her outfit. Thank Wal-Mart for beer.

If you are brave enough you can make a bonnet out of your own natural hair, all it takes is one easy shave. And FYI don't wear leggings the same color as your skin and that are less thick than your cellulite.

Twilight has no limits. Obviously. This season it's The Hunger Games all the way. And if you are wearing a fanny pack it draws attention to itself, so try your best keep your hands out of your pants. I know it's hard. Hands in pants will always make a statement, but NEVER the statement you WANT.

The one on the left is slutty too... it's just the better of two EVIL, EVIL, evils. Take your mini-skirts to calf length this season. Hopefully these girls heed my advice.

Oh my gosh I can see her...Wait... what?? No matter what year or place in the fashion cycle pants are always required and boobs should always face front, always be displayed in the front, and always be located IN THE FRONT .

I wish I could see the face that goes with those awesome pants! The one on the right doesn't phase me I can find that anytime... Never wear either of these looks EVER.


That is one dedicated Canadian tuxedo. Denim outfits are in, but try to hold back the excitement. Go for a light denim shirt with dark denim slim jeans and sexy heels instead.

This kid's got style and skills with the ladies. He also looks like a bedsheet from 1985. If you wear prints this season make sure you mix them in chic ways, never do a matching outfit of the same print.

You’re welcome.

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