From the Covers of Vogue to Elle, REAL Models Need to Reclaim Their Territory

4 Apr

I was talking with a girlfriend this weekend about how much we appreciate real models being on the cover of fashion magazines compared to celebrities.

This should be a rule not a suggestion.

Fashion is something of an art, not ANOTHER channel to promote a celebrity. The focus should be on the clothes, not on the person. Models are made to be the best hangers of clothes, so why not showcase that on the cover?

I feel like celebrities are trying to take over everything from purfume to candy. I understand that putting a celebrity on the cover of a magazine is supposed to sell, but usually their stories are useless, they don’t look as mysterious, and don’t make the clothes look as desired compared to a professional model.

I would rather read about an up-and-coming model, photographer, or designer with more pictures that focus on the clothes and photo creativity, than some rediculous celebrity that is already saturated in society…and usually can’t dress themselves, opting for a stylist for EVERYTHING from awards shows to a trip to the plastic surgeon.

Celebrities: Go back to your self-titled attempts at merchandise lines and sponsorships, and leave the  fashion covers to the experts and to the arts.


One Response to “From the Covers of Vogue to Elle, REAL Models Need to Reclaim Their Territory”

  1. Erin May 5, 2011 at 2:28 PM #

    Amen, sister. 😉

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