Learn It.

6 Apr

I have come up with a new term that should be adopted by everyone who has had the pleasure of working for free in the last year or so. WIFF.

Background: Once upon a time…Internships were paid AND resulted in full-time employment after the designated internship period… Then they were less pay with less chance of employment… Then they were no pay at all just for credit and with the SLIGHT possibility of employment afterwards… Now they are for free, for an indefinite period of time, you don’t really know where you stand on the employee scale/titles, and there is no employment following.

Yay for a sucky economy.

I have done all of these mentioned above and the most recent WIFF’s… Working Indefinitely For Free… are starting to affect my psyche (and I think they need to have their own category so one knows what they are getting themselves into). But I guess that’s life. At least I am getting experience right…

My motto is hang in there, at least a majority of the United States in it together, a “BIG” break has to come at some point, and fortunately I got nothing better to do with my time. However, my resume is costing more than a full-time job would pay. ha!

Let’s say these disheartening experiences are building character (too bad I can’t put that as a ‘skill’ on my resume).

Luckily, after the past 7 years of “experience” I have the equivalent amount of character as Danny Zuko has hair gel. Score! 😉


One Response to “Learn It.”

  1. ks April 6, 2011 at 4:06 PM #

    FYI…loving the blog. I am now officially a subscriber. You are inspiring me to start mine up again, this time recounting this second stage of my life as an “attached” person:)xo

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