Popcorn and Candy: Bridesmaids

6 Apr

I am super excited for the upcoming female take on the Bromance. Judd Apatow is back as a producer and in the ladies corner this time.

Rivaling Hangover, Knocked up, 40 Year Old Virgin etc., is Kristin Wiig leading the pack with an ensemble cast including  past SNL favorite Maya Rudolph as the bride, Mike and Molly’s fun loving fatso Melissa McCarthy as a butch lesbian type, and serving as the love interest Jon Hamm from Mad Men (Thank You!!) in the new comedy Bridesmaids.

So a bromance for women…what would we call that like Chickance, Girl love, Femfunny? I’ll keep working on that one…

Kristin Wiig is blowing up in popularity, tansferring from SNL cast member to major movie star and I am liking it. She was hilarious in Paul, but her role in Knocked up is my absolute favorite to date. Perhaps as a midwest maid of honor struggling with rich snob bridesmaids for her best friends’ wedding she will solidify her place as a serious force to be reckoned with in Hollywood.

Kristin co-wrote the screenplay as well.

Be sure to check out Bridesmaids in U.S. theatres May 13th, 2011. It’s already getting great hype and reviews.

With The Hangover II set to release on Memorial Day, May is gearing up to be one funny month. See you at the theatre!! 🙂


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