2012: The end of the world and the end of 30 Rock.

6 Apr

Noooooooooo. My worst nightmare has come true.  Tina Fey has announced (through others) that she is ending her shows’ successful, hilarious, and award winning run next year. NBC’s 30 Rock will enter its final season this fall… according to Alec Baldwin (who has cried wolf before about leaving the show altogether).

Let the crying commence.

I have to give it to Tina though if this is true, she is going out on top and with a bang! Not many people have the balls to pull out of something that is making (ALOT) money in order to save the art of it, maintaining a positive status for the ages… instead of keeping a show going until it runs itself into the ground (Mmmmmaybe Grey’s Anatomy and Two and a Half Men should take notes?).

I love 30 Rock and the entire cast. Bravo to Tina for doing such an excellent job and keeping it classy all the way.

If the world does end in 2012, like the Mayans predicted with their mysterious calendar, at least we will have our 30 Rock fix fitted in!

I can’t wait to see what Tina comes up with next though. You know she has something up her sleeve. 🙂


One Response to “2012: The end of the world and the end of 30 Rock.”

  1. Sarah April 8, 2011 at 4:48 AM #

    I would way rather have a show end in its prime rather than being milked until it SUCKS. My favourite series ever, Spaced, ended after 2 seasons. While I’m depressed that there wasn’t more of it to enjoy, it is preserved as a perfect series. 😛

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