rikki tikki Tavi Gevinson: the 14-year-old fashion prodigy

7 Apr

If you haven’t heard there is a 14 year old fashion blogger that has pretty much taken the industry by storm. Her name is Tavi Gevinson and she has more than grabbed the attention of some very prominent figures in the  right fashion circles. The Mulleavy sisters from Rodarte are probably her biggest fan and I might be their biggest fan.

Some people love her and some people are outraged and think that she is not really doing the work, but getting help from older people such as her mother. Either way, the girl is getting front row seats to major fashion shows and incredible freelance jobs, as well as profile pieces done about her in high end magazines.  

She has been blogging consistently for three years now, and after much research I definitely want to be her babysitter and even more would love to be her +1 to those amazing shows. And 3 years?! That means she started blogging at what 11??? Rediculous.

Can you imagine being 14 and have such a knack, such a passion, and such talented writing skills as this? The girl knows everything about everything and isn’t afraid to be herself, showcasing uniqueness at such a confusing age.

Her blog is entitled “style rookie,” but I’m pretty sure she is far beyond a pro. You decide for yourself.


Apparently Tavi is experiencing “fashion fatigue” after this season’s run of shows… Don’t give up Tavi you are the envy of all fashionistas.


One Response to “rikki tikki Tavi Gevinson: the 14-year-old fashion prodigy”

  1. Maddie Groves April 27, 2012 at 12:34 AM #

    I just came across this girl and can not believe I had never heard of her before! The girl just completely intrigues me and freaks me out at the same time- she is way to mature for her age! She starting blogging at age 11 and is now considered a fashion icon. Crazy!

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