Bill Cosby feels the presidential pain.

12 Apr

Bill Cosby (and myself) recieved heat for slamming Donald Trump as a possible presidential candidate for 2012. It seems that the general consensus for not liking Donald Trump for president means that you are automatically in Obama’s corner.

Let’s put down the gloves and remove ourselves from the ring completely shall we?

Why, if you don’t like one, you have to like the other? When I wrote my article regarding Donald it didn’t mean I was jumping on the Obama bandwagon and based on what Bill Cosby said he wasn’t either. I think both Trump and Obama suck and I don’t understand why it’s either democrat or republican and how we got ourselves into this trap?

Alot of my generation, if you ask them, are not hard up to be either democrat or republican. Newer generations are leaning towards being open minded. We don’t pick a side we pick a person. So why are people of earlier generations so caught up in one or the other?

Honestly, dividing the country into asses and elephants isn’t working very well for our political system. No matter what side you are on, it seems pretty similar…a failing economy, empty promises, and no change anywhere. It’s all the same. And only offering two options seems sort of narrow minded. (I understand that we have people that run as independent candidates… but we have seeen that they never really make it anywhere.)

Instead of blue and red, how about no color? How about we support who we like and color outside the lines?

The Cosby Debate:

My own opinion under fire:


One Response to “Bill Cosby feels the presidential pain.”

  1. Mom April 12, 2011 at 2:41 PM #

    nicely done

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