Friend Beware and Friend Be Aware

13 Apr

I think friendships are the absolute hardest relationships in the world. You aren’t related by blood, you don’t have the bond of sleeping together, you aren’t forced to work together. The only reason you have friends is because you want them. You hand-pick your friends based on your similarities, interests and general demeanor.

As I get older my pool of friends gets smaller and smaller. Either I’m getting more difficult (that’s like 99% most likely the case) or more particular about who I surround myself with.

I have begun to notice perhaps those in my life that maybe don’t have the same general interests or don’t have my interest at all. Oftentimes, friendships are taken for granted or abused. Oftentimes, we take too many liberties regarding our friends and forget to reciprocate the caring. Oftentimes, it is easy to think that friends are there for our every beck and call and never look over the fence to see how their grass is doing or if they need a little miracle grow in their lives.

I propose that as we get older and no matter the age, that we realize just because we have friends that doesn’t make the match of friendship for life. Those relationships still need care and cultivation and over time if we are selfish about our friends or pose unrealistic expectations they won’t be there when we really need them.

I think it is better to have one good friend than a million acquaintances. And acquaintances is what they are. Until we realize that we care just as much about them as ourself and would do anything for them, there is never really a bond worth working at. When we stop collecting and start nurturing is when we really see who the other person is and conclude if we want them in our lives.

I can only hope that when this life is over I was a good friend. I cared about others and took the “I” out of friend. And if that is something that is never found in return, possibly it is better to go it alone than have meaningless acquaintances. But if true friendship is in the cards then how much luckier can someone get?


One Response to “Friend Beware and Friend Be Aware”

  1. Sarah April 15, 2011 at 3:26 AM #

    I’m the same way… I definitely think that the older I get the less time I have to try and make things work with people I either don’t like or have nothing in common with. Most of my closest friends have been around since I was a kid, and I have been pretty picky about the new friends I have picked up in college.

    Feel lucky. 😛

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