Oscar is Natalie Portman's REAL Baby

14 Apr

Natalie Portman ha been scrutinized and challenged ever since winning the oscar for her (AMAZING) performance in Black Swan. Some say she didn’t deserve it, some say that Sarah Lane her dance body double in Black Swan did all the work. Sarah Lane herself has even talked out against Natalie credibility in the movie forcing others to come to her rescue. HOW STUPID.

Did you see Black Swan? If Natalie didn’t dance one move who the hell cares. She owned that role and completely blew me away and apparently the Golden Globes, the SAG Awards and the Academy away as well (I’m sure they have no idea what they are doing…). Everyone is like “Oh, Annette Benning should have won the Oscar for The Kids Are Alright.” Yeah right!  Just because that movie was about lesbians who had a sperm donor doesn’t make it good. Maybe it makes it progressive, but not automatically Oscar worthy. And just because Annette has been nominated so many times and never won, doesn’t mean that she deserves Natalie’s thunder.

Oscar was made for Natalie. I have never seen such a powerful performance by someone since Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump… and I think she was better.

Let her be. And let her Oscar win be pure because that’s how it was earned. And Sarah Lane shut your face and become an actress if you want an Oscar.

Thank you. That is all. 😉


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