Family Fears

21 Apr
As yet another holiday weekend approaches and my anxiety level rises, I can’t help but wonder why is family so frightening for some? (like me).
I REALLY don’t like family gatherings and all the hype just makes it worse. You have all year to look forward to Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter to pass (for some it’s more… I’m counting my blessings) and the relief to sink in that its over… until next year. I only see certain people on these particular forced occurances and it makes me wonder what is the missing link that one step of watered down blood in between or an extra generation makes the relation less relative and more awkward? My hyper negative opinion of these functions may be a result of genes being passed down, with my father not enjoying them either, or my age getting to me (the closer I get to death the less need I feel to please others and endure things I hate).
I like my extended family… they are nice people, but I don’t necessarily have anything to say to them over the 3x a year ham, mashed potatoes, and cherry pie. The gathering seems forced and I’m not the only one attending that is counting the minutes til it’s appropriate to burn rubber. And those inserted into the family tree through marriage can make it even less appealing… OR better. ha!
Minus the distance, if we want to keep in touch with one another we do more than just on the expected holidays… so why certain days deem “quality family time” I will never understand. Oftentimes, seeing one another on a random June day is much more enjoyable.
All families carry their crazy card, and mine is no different (and I am no different… I got a whole deck up my sleeve 😉 ) but if I wanted to experience such unpleasantness as being cornered by the corralled crazy, I would submit myself to an annual root canal just for kicks.
How do we solve such dread for those that we are supposed to love? Or is it just natural not to like our relatives because, well, they are relatives and thats where it ends? We would do anything for eachother, however, there isn’t often much in common except for the blood and the the annual meal… does that have to be enough for real relationships to be formed or is the charade just instinctive, it should end at that, and we continue to muddle through?
Happy Easter!
This group looks… fun.

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