Lindsay Lohan's Jail Sentence=Back to Work

25 Apr

Well I called it. Lindsay Lohan was back in jail on Friday… for four hours… poor thing.  I foresee a coffee table book based solely on LL’s own mug shots. She sure is racking them up!

I could barely contain my exitement all weekend to bash her bad choices… again.

After a well deserved sentencing of 120 days in jail and 480 hours of community service… which after calculating, is a solid 20 24-hour days (have fun with that). Immediately after the sentencing, Lindsey went to draft her appeal for the courts faster than she moves towards her white lines of happiness and water bottles of fun. She still gets to appear in a pre-trial in May to decide her permanent fate and then her actual trial in June. Either way it seems Lindsey is gonna have to start laying off her spray tan in order for her not to blend in with her future fashion statement: an orange jumpsuit.  

Whether she stole the necklace or not, it appears that Lindsay’s new form of employment is really suiting her and I see no advocacy for changing her ways in the near future… not when it pays so well and gets so much press. At this point she has seen the inside of a courtroom more than the inside of a movie set.

P.S. Nice denim for court Lindsay… all I can say is at least she went for the couture denim.

In natural behind the times fashion, I realized there is a polling program that I can use, so I figured that LL would be the best tester. (There will most likely be polls of polls in the near future…this is so awesome)

Here is the video of Lindsay’s necklace debaucle.

Now. What do you think?


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