Words with Friends: A Game, NOT a Career Move

25 Apr

So I learned about the APP “Words with Friends” this weekend and not only am I addicted, I also learned that I SUCK at Scrabble (Suck might be an understatement).

There is like a permanent disconnect between my brain and any words that are over four letters. Plus, I can’t seem to multitask my wisdom to consider the benefits of triple letters, double words, double anything to use to my advantage (To be fair, I am the girl that struggles with doing ANYTHING simultaneously… walking and chewing gum?? They didn’t ask my opinion when creating the analogy). My strongest play thus far is adding an ‘s’ to all words that my oppenents come up with, stealing their thunder and leaving them with a brick wall for their next move. Insert evil laugh: Bwahahahaha. 😉

If there was a short bus for unjumbling words and making them coherent I would be the driver. What do you mean that JARLY isn’t a word??!?! This complex problem was first noticed when I tried to test into honors Kindergarten and failed miserably after 30 minutes of trying to put together a 10 piece puzzle only to realize when time was up that the missing piece was 6 inches out of my eye shot. EPIC FAIL… it has haunted me ever since and I hold complete disdain for puzzles to this day.

So if anyone is looking for an ego boost be sure to challenge me in a game… my username is LEREIT. You are guaranteed to feel smart after a couple of breeze through wins. And don’t worry I don’t mind losing painfully to everyone I know (I categorize it as brain exercise anyways and due to my low numbers…which would be good for tennis not so good for IQ… apparently I needed the exercise 20 years ago when I was learning how to spell)… I posess the realization that I excel in other strengths… and as soon as there is a charades APP … GAME ON SUCKERS!


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