Magnum Gold

26 Apr

Magnum Coffee

If you haven’t had Magnum then you haven’t been living. Magnum ice cream that is.

This ice cream is solid gold (and yes you may be thinking isn’t that a condom brand?? and you are right!). Except this Magnum is orgasmic… for your taste buds… and finally in the states! Rachel Bilson is in the new ad for the ice cream’s launch in America and get excited! She makes it hot and the ice cream will cool you down. 😉

This literally is the BEST stuff out there and I always wished I could get it across the pond and now we can… just in time for summer! My favorite is the white chocolate or the Magnum Gold. They may not have made it here yet, but hopefully they will be coming to America Eddie Murphy style. It seems as though only the Classic Magnum is available currently (I know bummer, but support the brand and hopefully we will get all the delicious flavors) and you can purchase it at Wal-Mart… Does it get any better?

Oh wait, yeah it does.

The advertisements starring Bilson are part of a series directed by … you’ll never guess… Karl Lagerfeld!!

Ice cream has never been so fashionable… and sassy!

My day is made. The end.


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