The Voice=Awesome.

27 Apr

So last night I switched back to the “real world” watching network television, and veered away from my pampered cable lifestyle. And it was worth it! (I haven’t watched a competition series since the 200th season of Survivor graced us with its presence…again).

Last night I watched The Voice on NBC and it totally rocked my…ears. 😉 If you didn’t see it, don’t worry there is an encore of it tonight at 9/8c and you will be glad for once that something on TV is the length of a feature film. First off, Adam Levine is smoking hot (that’s all you need right?), Christina Aguilera was normal, coming off her pedastal and becoming accessible (plus she really hung with the guys), Blake Shelton totally won me over as a nice guy and not as “cuntree” as I once thought (I still have less than positive things to say about his fiance, but that is another post), and Cee Lo Green… his sparkly whites were enough to get me smilin’.

I think Blake got the best people on his team overall. But The Voice was like a really, really, really, really, really, really, really refreshing American Idol. There were only good singers (my ears thank you NBC) and no pill-popping Paula’s, no Simon slams, no “dawg’s” anywhere in sight. And above all no Ryan Seacrests!! Carson Daly is host, proving that hosting really is his gift from the universe and it was good to see him fulfilling his mindless chattering destiny.

 I totally recommend catching the encore tonight and you can thank me later 🙂


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