Behold the Breakfast of Champions: OAT Revolution!

2 May

I have had a love/hate relationship (more hate)  with instant oatmeal since before the days I had permanent teeth.

Instant oatmeal is a wonderful concept, but I could never get over how those little packets of promise were a big let down after you added water and artificial cooking, turning a hopeful bowl of goodness into a consistency more appropriate for your next wall paper/ papier-mache project than your stomach.

But those days are long gone!

Thanks to OAT Revolution (Malt-O-Meal’s take on the instant classic), instant oatmeal has been turned upside down and  the days of breakfast boredom and blase are no more. This instant oatmeal is SOOOO delicious and even comes in a cute cabinet ready carton as well as offering packaging that doubles as a perfect water measurer (take the bonuses where you can get ’em). My world is complete!

I like to add milk and fresh fruit to my oatmeal, but it’s totally up to the individual oatmeal connoisseur. My favorite flavors by the brand are strawberry and cinnamon roll, but others include apples and cinnamon, peach (which is for sure to be my next conquest), and maple and brown sugar.

Thanks to  OAT Revolution there is no more paste in the breakfast world, but a revolution in your mouth! Grab a spoon and start your day in a much more pleasant way.

Long live instant oatmeal!!


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