Royal Wedding Recap

2 May

What a weekend! The Royal Wedding, Osama Bin Laden is killed, end of the month… meaning payday, Mariah Carey produces evil singing spawn…x 2.  The list is endless of why this was the best weekend of all time.

I of course care the most about the Royal wedding. Even taking the day off work and honoring my own holiday.

I think this wedding should not be criticized for one thing. Every girl dreams about her wedding and it should be what she wants and not what the media dictates. Hopefully, Kate got what she wanted and the couple enjoyed themselves. You feel the love and that is all that matters. Regarding how she is handling the public and scrutiny so gracefully is a true testament to a supportive spouse and the maturity that comes with age… unfortunately for Diana.

I’m not going to bash the wedding or give much opinion, but I will go over my top five Royal moments.

1) Green Giving.

I loved that there were trees imported into Westminster Abbey that will be replanted. They really made a unique atmosphere in what can be a very mature and harsh chapel vibe.

2) A new light for the house of McQueen.

Sarah Burton really has made a name for HERSELF with this dress and I think it shines a positive light on the designer and the label after the tragic suicide of McQueen himself.

3) One-hot sista!

Good for Kate allowing her sister Pippa to look HOT during the wedding (and man did she ever!), not just being in the shadow (which if your sister is queen, being beside the never-ending spotlight could most likely get annoying), and also putting her in the same designer uniting the sisters.

4) New traditions.

The couple leaving the palace in an Aston Martin is a fresh tradition that I’m sure will continue.

5) Flawless finish.

Kate did her own makeup, saying that she wanted William to be able to recognize her. And she nailed it. She looked beautiful, but like herself… and let’s face it that takes courage and confidence when you have 2-3 billion people (that’s it?!?!) scrutinizing you.

Now that’s it over… whatever will I live for??


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