Meet Me at the Met

3 May

It’s ANOTHER wonderful time of the year!

Met Gala time!

What is supposed to be one of the most fashionable red carpets of the year, this time around was kind of disappointing. It seemed like everyone was too concerned about outdoing Princess Kate in their own version of Alexander McQueen and not really wowing us bystanders.

It’s still nice to see the attempts, but hopefully everyone can pull their acts together for upcoming red carpets and appearances.

This event is really exciting because along with the starlets you get to see designers out in full force. While the fashion lights in NYC weren’t as bright as usual there still were some showstoppers. J LO in Gucci lived up to her most beautiful woman in the world reputation (however, that bun is so tight it’s doubling for Botox). Blake Lively looked stunning as always… but I could do without the red hair. Both Gwyneth and Diane Kruger lived up to their fashion flawlessness.

However, don’t get me started on the faux pas including SJP (shocker), why Taylor Swift was even there (why Taylor Swift is anywhere I’ll never know), Kristen Stewart just needs to go away, I’m not sure what Demi killed to be able to strategically place it on her globe, Fergie looking scary as always, Jennifer Hudson’s neverending weight loss still isn’t helping her fashion choices, and Rihanna?!?!… holy bad hair! (perhaps that is her homage to a skanky Rapunzel??)

All I know is that anytime an Olsen twin doesn’t end up at the bottom of the fashion barrel you know you are in trouble.

Judge for yourself.

To see allllll the photos I suggest,,20486501,00.html


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