Prada Nada

3 May

Everyone at Prada has officially lost their minds. I haven’t been a fan of theirs for several seasons now. They are overpriced, their sizing runs redicuously small, and their designs don’t live up to their name. And then all my opinions were finally supported with their take on the mary jane.

Check out these shoes for their Runway to Green program. And I’m green alright… I think I might go throw up.

It’s like Father Christmas and his mannequin elves were hard at work and at the end of the day they should be fired!!

I talked with a girlfriend about what if your skin doesn’t match the shoe… what kind of statement would that be and she seems to think that the hemlines are going longer so your skin wouldn’t contradict… but I beg to differ on behalf of all the African Americans in the world. You put these shoes on and the jig is STILL up. Your legs didn’t pull a Michael Jackson overnight.

For $1,500 these too can be yours. But if you are wearing them please stay 50-1500 ft away from me PLEASE. Thank you.

 But wait, it gets even better, they can also be purchased in python AND metallic versions. Joy.

One word for this debaucle. CREEPY.

Hey Prada, Romy and Michelle called they want their boots back.


One Response to “Prada Nada”

  1. Ashley May 4, 2011 at 6:08 PM #

    Those are SUPER creepy. Yuck.

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