Qualms with ‘Couture’

5 May

It seems to me that as times goes on and the fashion cycle continues to cycle (so fast it’s creating a black hole of neverending rip offs), that the term Couture is taken more loosely. Couture is thrown around more loosely than Charlie Sheen’s bedroom habits. That is TOO loosely.

I am here to make a rebuttal.

Couture is an actual thing, not just a pair of cheap shades with a label slapped on it and shipped from the hands of 6- year-olds in China straight to your local department store.

According to Webster’s Dictionary they agree the actual definition of couture is: the business of designing, making, and selling fashionable custom-made women’s clothing.

AND I’ll take it one step further with the definition of Haute Couture which is what should be considered when dealing in designer duds. Haute Couture: 1) The leading establishments or designers for the creation of exclusive fashions, 2)The creation of exclusive fashions.

Custom-made is not ready made for the masses. Let’s be clear. To be couture it better be HIGH fashion, not somewhere in the middle. We don’t call middle-class America upper-class on occasion just because we feel like it… and perhaps want to squeeze higher taxes out of them do we? (Plus, that would be just too many egos floating around).

 Haute couture takes alot of time, alot of creativity, and is a form of 3-D art, hence making the price tag worthwhile.
By calling everything couture it takes the exclusivity out of the clothing/item. Not all of us will ever be able to own real couture and that’s ok. It’s a goal to have and hopefully achieve. There is no achievement in lowering the bar and calling crap couture.
Are you listening Juicy?!
And noone does Couture better than Dior.

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