Morgan Freeman Will You Narrate Me??

10 May

I always wanted my life to be narrated… and have a soundtrack (that might be another post). It would be like the Truman Show, but way less exciting. But WAY more interesting for me!

If I had my choice it would be Michael Patrick King. Can you imagine?? The cocktails would be flowing, the hot men, the good friends, and the most genius one liners ever! His show Sex and the City is amazing and timeless because of two things… the fashion and the writing. I would ask for a stylist to go along with my narrator but considering I would like to BE a stylist (and am!…just ask the three girls I dress at my apartment every weekend night) so I think I got that one covered.

I want my life to be timeless and meaningful. Who doesn’t (don’t lie!)?? I also want it to be soothing which is why my second pick, hands down: Morgan Freeman. No explanation necessary.

Who would your narrator be? I often think that who you choose to narrate your life really says something about you. It’s like a favorite color, or food, or how clean you keep your apartment. It’s who would express you through words the best.

A narrator besides being incredibly mind blowing, would also serve as a vehicle to stay on track in life and understand what it happening when those daily solo WTF moments happen. PLUS, you have someone to share it with (or someone’s voice at least  (I talk to myself already… a narrator would be a cherry on top to defending the case that I am not crazy)

Of everything I hope that one day technology reaches the level that everyone can have a narrator… and also that we all can have flying cars, eliminating the existence of traffic.

Dear God and Donald Trump,

 Please see above.




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