Cannes You Believe It’s That Time Again?

11 May

The world famous Cannes film festival is gearing up for fun in the theatres to keep out of the French heat. As we find ourselves on the first day of the ten day festival, the stars are arriving… and thus far the fashion is living up to the expectations. Oh, the excitement!!

Keep posted for updates of the ever evolving style scene!

I’m jealous.

The top ten predicted films for the festival are as follows (according to moi, of course):

1)The Tree of Life (HElllooo Brad Pitt… sans gross gotee)

2)Restless (Shuyler Fisk)

3)Melancholia (Kirsten Dunst and Antonio Banderas…end of the world anyone?)

4)We Need to Talk About Kevin (about a school massacre, yikes)

5)This Must Be The Place (Sean Penn is gross but an awesome actor!and hopefully Scarlett wows us with her outfit)

6)Sleeping Beauty (Australia hasn’t made the festival in 10 years!)

7)The Beaver (Which BOMBED at the box office… I think it may have redefined bombed)

8)Midnight In Paris (Woody Allen never sleeps)

9)Conquest (the first film to attack a president… while he is still in office… and how ironic it’s the French Prez??)

10)And of course the highly anticipated prequel to Shrek and starring the cutest kitty around, Puss In Boots (even though it was only a 15-min taste, I’m going to count it)


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