Death To All Crime Shows

11 May

What is our society’s obsession with crime drama? There are so many spin off’s and replica’s of the same sort of genre that I am about ready to jump off the deep end and have an episode inspired by my own crime against these shows.

I mean seriously how can Law and Order 1-1 million seasons ALL have excellent ratings? And how can CSI Miami, CSI NYC, CSI LA, CSI Las Vegas, all have such great followings that they continue duplicating them? How about a CSI Kill Me Now And Stop Making All These Shows The Same. 

Is it our obsession with death? Or could it be the sexy and mysterious leading men that are a given? Or is it possibly the fact one day this type of crime could be knocking on our own personal death’s door and these types of shows tell a story of how to look out for what could happen? Or just that fact that when death wields its sword we can no longer can obsess about crime drama’s so collectively as a television audience and we better squeeze as many one hour episodes as physically possible?

Crime dramas are like Soap Operas for the working world. They dominate weekday evenings especially the ten o clock slot. Thank goodness for Conan to jump in a take the TV rating thunder from the melodramatic mundane-ness. I mean even with crime movies at least it only last 90 minutes instead of 90 decades.

 The more these shows keep making their debut and finding the fountain of television youth, the more desensitized I believe that we as a society are to death, dying, and horrific evil that happens everyday. I just recently went to a funeral and it was like the whole thing was so surreal…this might be because of my miniscule grasp on death (most likely) or it might be because I see D list actors die everyday on these types of shows and then show right back up as a romantic comedy sidekick a month later (this is definitely it). It doesn’t make sense to me that we take death and crime and use it for enjoyment. It’s not pretty in reality so why is it our life’s solace of the small screen?

How about goodbye Bones and hello more Will Ferrell. I hope one day not to die, but instead become a slightly unhinged and dense but ever loving boss who replaces Steve Carrell. Yes Please.


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