Popcorn and Candy: Horrible Bosses

12 May

I think at some point we have all been there. Had a boss that was less than stellar.

Mine happened to lead to my one and only firing from Baker’s shoe store in my early college days. For some crazy reason I couldn’t find the respect needed for my boss with her thong hanging out constantly, baby daddy drama being announced to whoever would listen, her sales skills involving sitting in a chair and chatting with her underage employees about partying, and her 1990 style faded stretched out denim jeans that she wore on a daily cycle (maybe not a good reason… but at the time it seemed severely sufficient).

I dunno why… but I just COULDN’T take her seriously. Silly me.

I understand NOW that no matter how terrible the boss, it’s about the job. Oh real world how I despise thee.

This summer Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and that funny guy from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (you know who I’m talking about) meet their own match in the workplace in the form of Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey, and (a bald) Colin Ferrell (reminiscent of Tom Cruise in a little movie called Tropic Thunder…Perhaps another Golden Globe is in the works?) 

The upcoming movie appropriately titled Horrible Bosses comes out in July and deals with the trio’s quest for the ultimate satisfaction in their plot to get revenge against their managing nemesis’.

Oh guys, did I mention J. Aniston gets down to her underwear?


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